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SMS Industries
Automotive Body Builders & Infrastructures

SMS Industries is leading manufacturer and Fabricator of vehicles body building, here we design and fabricate trailers and rigid body work for a variety of applications, grain, malt, waste, aggregate and to the highest standards of quality and Strength.

SMS Industries production plant at Suraram (V) in Hyderabad, is the most modern of this Kind in India and accredited to ISO standards. With the entire design and manufacturing process under our direct control from the basic steel selection and process right through to fabrication and assembly of all Chassis and body components, the exact standards we set in terms of build quality is maintained.

From a paint finish point of view, our Bodybuilding units set the standard in terms of appearance and long-term durability a technologically advanced 2 Pack product over our trucks & trailers will look good longer and enhance residual values.

All our tipping trailers' & trucks are built to comply with Custom built and use regulations.


  • SMS Industries strength is our superior engineering design capability, standardized processes, innovation and large volume production capability.
  • SMS s products are based on cutting edge technology and are recognised as industry leaders worldwide.
  • True Flexibility
  • All SMS tippers & Trucks utilize materials such as high tensile steels and high grade alloy sheeting which combine exceptional strength, durability and low weight to achieve maximum possible payloads.
  • A range of wheel base options is available, designed to meet the requirements of C & U Regulations. Alloy rigid tipping body work manufactured by SMS includes general quarry use, mine use & Bulk light for heavy duty and high volume applications. Units are available for 4X2, 6X4 & 8x2 configurations and are designed as a monologue construction suitable front end outer cover or under floor tipping systems.


SMS Industries is Fully closed roof shop floor of about 10,000 sqft. with concrete flooring, it is separated as two bays and each bay contains mobile crane & Six MIG welding machines and age Shield welding machines.

Totally there are 80 qualified workers are participating to reach our production schedule with their individual targets. Additional to that one lathe, one Radial drilling machine, one profile cutting machines and one band saw machine, 15 HP Screw Compressor, Torque wrenches and special tools are there to reach out targets.

Our Team

We have Designing and Manufacturing engineers with back and experience of about more than Ten years in our field. Qualified Trainee Production & Quality superiors were adopted to satisfy our customers' expectations by achieving quality products in time.

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